Tahur - Staying Beautiful Naturally

Welcome toTahur

Where every product is made with your natural,
 heart, body, and soul in mind,  in our effort
to help guide you through your journey to
Live Clean - Pure & Simple 

Our ancestors knew a lot about healthy living, and natural beauty.  At Tahur, we have endeavored to recapture their secrets, which is why all of our products are formulated using 
organic, plant-derived ingredients in their most natural form.
We do not use artificial dyes or fragrances,
nor do we use artificial or synthetic ingredients
in any of our products.

We have taken special care, to develop quality products, using quality ingredients to help hydrate and nourish the entire body.  Our ancestors did not have cosmetologists and beauticians as we know today.  They relied on the plant life YHUH created to strengthen and grow their hair and
maintain smooth soft glowing skin.

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Tahur Hair and Body Essentials
can lead you down those same ancient paths!

Alykham Shalum!